AS197595 - Peering information

AS197595 has a simple peering policy; we will peer with any ISP that matches the following criterias:

  1. Partner has a public ASN
  2. Partner is connected with minimum 10GE
  3. AS197595 is not peering with Partner's upstream, or Partner have 200+ Mbit/s peak traffic towards AS197595
  4. New peering would provide a BGP path better or equal to the current routing path
  5. Partner has not been a customer to AS197595 (or customer of our customers) in the past 6 months
  6. Partner agrees to peer at all common exchange points

AS197595 is available for Public Peering at the following Internet Exchange Points:

IXP Port
Netnod Copenhagen 10G
Netnod Oslo (NIX1) 10G
Netnod Stockholm 10G
STHIX Copenhagen 10G
STHIX Gothenburg 10G
STHIX Stockholm 10G

We are available for Private Peering in the following facilities:

Data Center Location
Equinix SK1 Stockholm
EvoSwitch AMS1 Amsterdam
Slakthusgatan 5 Gothenburg
HMG-9 Oslo
Interxion Stockholm
Obehosting Kista Gate Stockholm
Palmfelt Center (BGC) Stockholm
Stokab KN5 Stockholm
Stokab KN6 Stockholm
Stokab KN7 Stockholm
VG4 Malmö

If you would like to peer with us, please send us an e-mail to peering [a]

For more information, please see our PeeringDB page.